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Could someone tell me whether there is any Free Trial and Credits in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

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There is Google Cloud Free Program, for you if you are looking for Free Trials and Credits, in Google Cloud. This Google Cloud Free program offers you 90 days and a USD 300 Free Trial. This program helps new users in taking advantage of the trial period to better understanding the Google Cloud’s products like Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery all free of charge, if it doesn’t shoot past the set limit.

If you are wishing to break into the Google Cloud and get a job, I would recommend you to enroll in a good quality Google Cloud certification course, preferably from Intellipaat. Which offers you high-quality instructor-led training and guided projects that help you to build the required practical skills in the domain. Also, have a look at our YouTube video on Google Cloud Interview Questions and also check out our blog article on GCP interview questions to help you prep for interview rounds.

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