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Could someone tell me how much storage is free on Google Cloud?

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There is a Google Cloud Free Program, for a beginner in Google Cloud Platform or GCP or for anyone interested in learning more about GCP’s offerings. In this program, a new user is entitled to a trial period of 90 days, with USD 300 in his account to explore the various products, whose thresholds are already set, and if your usage shoots past that limit, you will be asked to pay to continue your usage. In this trial period, you could access all the products, that the Google Cloud Platform has to offer. You could register for yourself to explore further for free provided you are a new user to GCP. In terms of storage post the trial period, and by that, I mean while you pay for your services, you are allowed unlimited paid storage, and there is no cap on how much you could store.

If you are looking for more personal storage you could access your Google Drive, which offers you 15GB of free space for you to store your personal files, photos, and other documents on the cloud. You could avail all these services if you have a Google Account. Wish to learn more about GCP and aspire to get skilled in it? Then enroll in Intellipaat’s Google cloud certification course. And if you are very near to crack the GCP interview, I would suggest you go through Google Cloud Interview questions and watch the video on the same to get a better understanding.

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