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Could someone tell me how to explain a Machine Learning project in Interview?

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If you are prepping up for Machine Learning interviews, then make sure to check out some of the best most asked Machine Learning Interview questions, which consist of a list of questions that are most asked in ML Interview. Now coming to your question “How to explain Machine Learning project in Interview”, there is a way in which you could explain your project in a refined way that will help in acing your technical interview. Follow these steps;

  1. Start off by selecting a good project which is aligned with the core industry of the company that you are attending the interview of. If it's medical, choose to showcase an ML project that will help them in better understanding your approach and techniques that you have applied to reach to a conclusion.
  2. As you might be knowing that data, is the basis of any ML project or model. So, you need to validate your Data Source that you used to create your model.
  3. Then you need to give out the technicalities of the project. Start that off by stating your purpose or objective of building the ML model or project in the first place.
  4. Then explain what are all the methods you used to clean the data, how you processed the data, etc., and then state the KPI’s and other performance metrics, etc.
  5. After which you need to certify your findings and validate improvements, and there is no better way than to keep the already existing model or system in reference. And you need to explain to the interview panel, the techniques you used in training the system to its current state, explain the model tuning process, deployment process, and other essential data that you might find interesting to quote or which will help in leading the interview.

That’s it! Be prepared to face any question relating to the project or out-off topic. And be natural and cool. And don’t forget to check out the Machine Learning Interview Questions. And if you are not sure about your basics, enroll in a good Machine Learning certification course to get your concepts right. Also, watch our YouTube video on Machine Learning Project.

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