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I am new to Javascript. So can anybody tell me the difference between the two?

Thanks in advance for your time to answer this.

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Client-Side Javascript: In this, mainly coding is done to bring effects, animations, computations, or any sort of interaction to our website via browser. It helps to manipulate and enhance web pages. Client-side means work is done on the browser only where users have access only to the document object for the current page, the window functions like an alert that pops up a message, etc. Particularly on the client-side, Javascript helps in validating input, animation, manipulating UI elements, applying styles, some calculations are done when you don't want the page to refresh so often.

Server-side Javascript: This is the extended version of JS which helps in backend access to databases, servers, and file systems. 

With server-side code, javascript can still be sent to the client-side, but there is a huge difference among these, because there is a restriction to client-side code due to machine resources, on the basis of computing power and permissions.

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