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I want to create a report in Power Bi and I want drill through from home page by using Feild A to multiple other pages and I am using a dynamic parameters using URL to replicate the Drill effect through functionality and want to check Url for Category X,How can I do it?

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Dynamic text measures can be used for creating URLs

Which looks like this:

VAR reportURl =
    TRUE (),
    //Are there filters on education and currency?
    AND (
        ISFILTERED ( Customer[English Education] ),
        ISFILTERED ( ‘Currency'[Currency Name] )
    AND (
        ISFILTERED ( SalesTerritory[SalesTerritoryCountry] ),
        ISFILTERED ( ‘Currency'[Currency Name] )
    //define the fallback URL”
) //use a hidden table\column in the model to use the filter to make it easier to add other filters

    & “filter=a/a=1” 

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