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Could someone tell me whether CCSP certification is worth it or not?

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Yes, the CCSP certification exam is totally worth it. Because it has several benefits that you will acquire once you become certified and they are:

  • First is, that it is conducted by a reputed organization (ISC)2 so, getting certification from this organization adds credibility.
  • Secondly, it is an advanced level Cyber Security technical exam, which validates your technical knowledge in the domain.
  • Thirdly, you will get at least 35% of salary increment, as surveyed by (ISC)2, if you are CCSP certified then your peers who are not certified.
  • You will have versatile skillsets once certified, with more career advancement opportunities, and join a large community of professionals are other major key points that make it worthwhile to take the certification exam.

If you are interested in taking this certification exam, then check out the CCSP course from Intellipaat, which is 40hrs industry-grade course, designed to help you crack the certification exam. Take a look at the following video on the CCSP Training video.

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