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Could someone tell me what is Six Sigma certification?

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Six Sigma certification is a certification that is aimed at validating skills of a professional in handling tools and techniques to improve production processes, remove defects and ensure guaranteed quality. Six Sigma certifications are of 5 types, and they are:

  1. Six Sigma White Belt
  2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  3. Six Sigma Green Belt
  4. Six Sigma Black Belt
  5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt

All these certifications are certified by different bodies, like ASQ (American Society for Quality), and ISSAC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification). So, always research your way to these certifications to meet your and the company you are trying for. Well, as for the matter to get Lean Six Sigma Certified, I recommend you check out the Six Sigma certification course, from Intellipaat. Watch the following video on Top 10 Certifications For the 2021 video to get a hold of the best certifications to do now.

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