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Could someone tell me what is TOGAF certification?

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TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework is a method to plan, develop, and design an enterprise’s IT architecture. TOGAF certified professionals help in setting up IT architectures, to meet the needs and requirements. There is a higher demand for professionals who are TOGAF certified by business organizations around the world. There are several TOGAF certifications that you could register for, after researching about each certification (TOGAF certification for Foundational and Certified, TOGAF Business Architecture, TOGAF Integrating Risk and Security, TOGAF Essentials) find out which one meets the organization requirements, So, go ahead get yourself registered for TOGAF certification from the Open Group’s official website. Also, check out the TOGAF Interview Questions If you wish to enhance Project Management skills, I recommend you check out Intellipaat’s online Project Management courses to get started. Also, watch the following video on Top 10 Certifications For 2021.

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