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Could someone tell me which is the best Cloud certification?

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Cloud is one such domain, which is booming for quite a long time now. With Amazon entering the field, back in 2006, with AWS (Amazon Web Services), the competition started increasing, and this the pace of innovation was very quick, and now it has completely transformed the entire IT industry, with companies flocking to cloud, leaving on-premises setup, for increased mobility, staying agile, and to get things done quickly, at a very cheap rate, etc. If you wish to get Cloud certified, and are in doubt over which Cloud certification is best? Check out the Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing certification, and if you are preparing for any Cloud interview, then check out the Cloud Computing interview questions. There are Three major Cloud service providers in today’s market, AWS, Azure, and GCP, the most paid certifications are GCP Cloud Architect, AWS Solutions Architect, And Azure Solutions Architect, etc.

Check out the Cloud Computing courses from Intellipaat. Also, watch the following video on Top 10 Certifications For 2021 to get a better understanding.

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