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Could someone tell me what are the myths of Artificial Intelligence?

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AI will replace all jobs

Well, somewhere it is true that AI and automation has the potential to seriously shake the labor work and in many sectors it has already started doing that.

Industrial revolution in the past has changed the employment landscape, such as the mass shift from agricultural work to factories during the nineteenth century. Although there was not any deficiency in the number of jobs. In fact, it is just as possible that a more productive economy, brought about by the increased efficiency and reduction of waste that automation promises, will give us more options for spending our time on productive, income-generating pursuits.

Super computers will become better than human beings in every task.

Basically AI applications are spread into two parts which are specialized and generalized. Specialized AIs are the ones where one job is more focused, or working in one field, and becoming increasingly good at it

If we look at Generalized AIs then these are capable of applying themselves to a number of different tasks, just as human or natural intelligences. So although we may frequently come across AIs which are better than humans at one particular task, it is likely to be a while before we come face-to-face with robots in the mould of Star Trek’s Data –essentially super-humans who can beat us in so many things.

Human intelligence will be completely over paced by AI

This is actually nothing but a misconception going around by picturing intelligence as a linear scale. For instance if there is a rating from one to ten, imagine that perhaps animals score very low on this scale, and humans at the higher end, and with super-smart machines at the top of the scale.

Intelligence measurement methods are way different in reality. In some of the cases machines have already overtaken human beings, while in other cases, such as creative ability, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking, AI is still not around the corner and does not seem to be yet.

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