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What is recently happening in Artificial Intelligence?

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The AI industry is very strong financially and pays very decently. It involves major technical heavyweights, major startups, and a very huge amount of investment across the world to bring the imagination into reality.

AI is all about the intelligence of machines and software. Briefly, it is an attempt to make machines mimic human behavior. We are living in a very exciting time where technology is expanding rapidly. Recently, we are seeing major innovation happen, right from chatbots to self-driving cars, to salesforce automation & machine automation; all clearly depicting that AI and its advancements are going to transform the world rapidly and it will touch every sector. 

I have listed some of the great future leading technologies down below:

Text Analysis or Natural Language Processing is an aspect of technology to understand a customer’s intent. Its major application area is providing personalized ad offers/discounts, and gathering data from searches made by customers.

Natural Language Generation enables us to create human-readable text out of the computer data. It is generally used in customer support, report generation, business intelligence, delivering point-of-need smart alerts etc.

Virtual Agents/Assistants Presumably, you heard of Amazon’s Echo, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana are capable of network with humans. These are under customer service and support and as a smart home manager use to track household essentials.

Speech Recognition is a technique which transcribes human speech into a machine-readable format so that it can be used across a wide range of computer applications. IMajor advantages are interactive voice response systems and mobile applications. This trend is going to take the mainstream with the emergence of IoT.

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