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Could someone tell me what is beyond Artificial Intelligence?

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I've been thinking about this more and more lately, and you start to end up thinking about what intelligence is as a principle.

Think about the difference in intelligence between us and our closest primate relatives. All the language, culture, art, technology we have, and only about 2 percent of our genes are different. Now, what if you take that 2 percent in the same direction that we're smarter than chimps, but apply it to us? What would these super intellectual beings be able to do? (this is Neil Degrassi Tyson's argument for intelligent aliens, but it works here too.)

It’s fun to fantasize about what a super-intelligent AI could do better or differently than us, but I don't think we should get too caught up in the dreams. Because if the machine is intelligent like we think it is, then it will have insights we couldn't fathom, by design.

The monkey doesn't consent itself with our political spectrum, care about the new iPhone, or Taylor Swift's new song. Why should we suppose we and the superintelligent machine are any different.

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