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I need to know whether there is a function that identifies the lowercase letters in a string. Let's assume I began composing this program: 

s=input('Type a word')

Would there be a capacity (function) that allows me to recognize a lowercase letter inside the string s?

Can anyone tell me, How to detect the lowercase letters in Python?

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If you want to check if a character is a lower case, utilize the islower technique for str. This basic program prints every one of the lowercase letters in your string: 

for c in s:

    if c.islower():

         print c

Note that in Python 3 you should utilize print(c) rather than print c.

I also suggest you to utilize a list comprehension:

>>> s = 'abCd'

>>> lowercase_letters = [c for c in s if c.islower()]

>>> print lowercase_letters

['a', 'b', 'd']

You can also the join with a generator:

>>> lowercase_letters = ''.join(c for c in s if c.islower())

>>> print lowercase_letters


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