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Could someone tell me whether Artificial Intelligence is taking our lives?

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Well, this is a tricky question discussing the unprecedented future, that we are yet to see and feel. That is the era in which humans will live with artificially intelligent machines. Where we will live and work alongside them. That will be scary for some, weird for few sections, and exciting for another segment. It depends on where we are taking this technology with us, how we are developing it, and how it is evolving in the future. One thing for sure is that bigger strides will be made in these technologies and will completely change the way society functions. Because the effect of these technologies, will not only live inside the industrial sector but will also permeate our social fabric. As increasingly we are merging with technologies, like IoT, AI, ML, Deep Learning, Neural Networking, etc. and all these technologies are becoming human-centric, etc. They will take human thought process in the coming years, as we no longer have to think for ourselves completely, we will be assisted in every step to make decisive, informed, and analytical decisions to make error-free judgments. The future is unpredictable, when we put these technologies to the table, as these are innovating at a very fast pace, and could go into the wrong hands if not properly regulated.

The answer to the query will be a maybe! Because we have emotions and senses that these artificial machines lack, and that is what makes them unique. If you wish to learn and get certified in Artificial Intelligence, check out the AI course from Intellipaat. Also, watch the following video on Artificial Intelligence Full Course.

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