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Could someone tell me what does an Oracle DBA does?

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DBA or Database Administrator, is basically a professional who is thorough in Database Management Systems (DBMS) and helps secure an organization’s data, maintain its integrity, create a back-up, so that the data is preserved and can be used at all times whenever the authenticated users require it. Oracle DB’s are one of the most popular and widely used Databases around the world. So, a professional Database Management Administrator is one who is proficient in Oracle DB’s. The role of the Oracle DBA is:

  • Manage all aspects of Oracle Database, including installation, configuration, design, and migration of data.
  • They need to evaluate Database server hardware, run checkups on Data, make them secure, do backups, troubleshooting, data recovery, etc.
  • Additional tasks like performance monitoring, are also part and parcel of Oracle DBA and many more tasks might be added depending on the company to company, job location, industry experience, etc.

If you are interested in learning Oracle DBA, check out the Oracle DBA certification course from Intellipaat. And if you are a beginner, watch the following YouTube video on Oracle DBA Tutorial from industry experts to get a better insight.

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