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I am calling a macro using call macro in UiPath Workflow. The concern is sometimes one of the excels that the macro handles will freeze forever, Causing the Macro execution to hang and the process will get stuck in Call macro forever

Is there some way I can modify the UiPath workflow so that, if the Call macro activity is not completed within 15 minutes, the bot throws an exception?

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3 variables are needed for this : 

  • Variable of time span type to store wait time until an exception is thrown

  • Variable of date time to declare the start time of current execution.

  • Variable of boolean type to result if default  execution wait time exceeded or not


  • use Parallel activity

  • Excel Application Scope and Execute Macro will run together 

  •  While loop will repeatedly compare starting time and set waiting time. If it will exceed the default time value set, an exception will be thrown. 


  • As Parallel Action is surrounded in Try-Catch block, specify the exception expression in Catches section, since Throw will be overwritten by Catches as per below:



  • modify the Throw action by setting the exception message 


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