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Could someone tell me where to learn MS SQL?

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MS SQL or Microsoft SQL is the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which stores and retrieves data on a user's request. This RDBMS is developed by Microsoft. 

The answer to your question is Intellipaat. Why do I recommend this e-Learning platform? Let me post my reasons for that: 

  • You will get to choose Instructor-led training or a Self-paced course and have flexibility in time. 

  • You will get real projects that make a huge difference in your career. 

  • You will have fantastic instructors who have several years of experience mentoring professionals. 

  • You will get lots of benefits like a Lifetime Free upgrade, Access, 24*7 technical support & assistance, and much more at such an affordable rate. 

Check out the course review by one of our customers, who was very happy with our course structure and the overall package. This SQL Course has helped him get a job promotion in his company. 

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