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Could someone tell me how to switch to DevOps from Automation Testing? 

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To become a DevOps Engineer, especially if you're from the Automation Testing domain, then you must acquire several technical and soft skills as listed below:

  • Coding skills

  • Working experience in storage and network

  • Gain proficiency in Automation tools

  • Understand and acquire work experience in cloud and virtualization techniques

  • Learning and implementing security techniques 

  • Master infrastructure management, compliance, and other tools

  • Acquire soft skills like good communication, problem-solving, analytical thinking, etc. 

These skills will help you become a qualified DevOps Engineer and help you achieve a career transition from the Automation Testing domain. If you aspire to such a career transition, I recommend you enroll in this DevOps Masters Course. Also, watch this video wherein a Software Tester has successfully transitioned to a DevOps career. 

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