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Does big data certification really helpful in getting a job?

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Yes, big data certification is helpful in getting a job become in the current market there is a huge demand for big data professionals. Even as per Forbes, a big data engineer is one of the emerging jobs on LinkedIn. Big Data Engineers are in high demand as much as other data-related jobs in the market. Companies are looking for certified professionals in this field. It is the right time to upskill your career in this emerging technology with a certification program that acts as strong proof of our knowledge. For that, I suggest you this amazing big data masters program from Intellipaat. Where you will be able to learn all the required skills along with that the certification from Intellipaat, IBM  has great value in the current market which helps you to stand out from the competitors during interviews.

Before that do check out how Sanjeev Singh upskilled his career from ETL developer to Data engineer by doing this big data certification - 



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