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What are the career options, if a person knows about tableau?

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Tableau offers a lot of career options for data visualization professionals. Some common ones are:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst: This is the most common way to get into Tableau in a large company. The BI Analyst will work with the business decision makers to create dashboards, reports and other data visualizations that explain what’s going on in the company.

  • Data Scientist: A Data Scientist is responsible for developing analytics models, algorithms, and statistical techniques that help companies make better decisions based on data. They might work on projects involving predictive modeling or generating insights from big data sets.

  • Data Visualization Designer: This type of designer focuses on creating compelling visualizations that tell stories through data. They might be responsible for designing charts, maps and other graphics that are used in presentations and reports.

  • Tableau Software Developer: If you want to make changes to existing Tableau products or create new ones then this is the role you want. Developers design, develop and maintain software systems that run on Tableau Server and Tableau Online. If you have skills in programming languages such as Python or SQL then this could be an exciting opportunity for you.

If you are looking to pursue a career as any of the above mentioned roles and want to become a specialist in tableau, I would recommend to go for tableau certification course provided by Intellipaat.

Check out the video, how Shrikant Bhatia became an expert in Tableau.

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