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In this lesson we will discuss about transform steps

Transform folder:

This folder is used for changing the data from one form to another, which is data transformation. all the steps needed to do data transformation is mention in this folder.

Add constant:

It is used to add a field, in a created data base. Mainly it involves adding a constant to all the records.
Like, in this we have six columns and want to add a constant column to a steam. Like we have added city, a new column and this is stream and name which we add is Bangalore. On running this, initially it was six, on adding a new column city, it became seven and all the already created fields get city as a columns and all the fields get Bangalore as a default value.

Add a constant

Add a constant

Add a sequence:

The Add sequence step adds a sequence to the stream. A sequence is an ever-changing integer value with a specific start and increment value. You can either use a database sequence to determine the value of the sequence.

Add a sequence

Add a sequence

It involves adding a number to a record of a field.

Click on Add sequence, a window “Get value from sequence” appears, fill the values in it:

Add a sequence

Click OK.

Now the sequence is added.

Add value field changing sequence

This step adds a sequence value which resets each time a value changes in the list of specified fields.

Options for the given step:

  • Step name : the name of the step.
  • Result field: the name of the output field.
  • Start at value: the number to start at each time
  • Increment by: the value to increase at each row in the same group
  • Init sequence if value of following fields change: you can specify a list of fields here.

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