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Salesforce Video Tutorial


  • At the end of this training session, you will be able to:
  • Define sales force
  • To understand the responsibilities of a developer
  • Define the role of an admin in an organization
  • Differentiate between the roles of developer and Admin

What is a sales force?

  • Sales Force is a vendor which is giving server, data base and an application.
  • An organization has to manage:

An application


  • The organization functions with the support of:

Developer : A developer is one who is building the applications
Admin: An admin maintains the server;database

There are two types in Admin:

  1. Database admin who maintains the database
  2. Infrastructure admin who maintains the server

What is the purpose of Sales Force?

  • Sales force supports both admin & developer:
  1. An organization has to pay to for maintaining the application ,server, and databse separately.
  2. The sales force is like a provider which itself takes the back up and builds the applications.
  • For a businessman to manage the application , he has to get tool or software which the third party sells it to him.
  1. Where each one will have different kinds of requirements
  2. Ex: A single tab to be shown to one with the title account” and another may ask to name it as “customer”.
  • In case of sales force they sell the basic package to both. It follows the principle,”this is what I sell,pay me and get it from me.”

Sales Force and Admin:

  • To make changes in the organization Admin and sales force are needed.
  1.  Admin is responsible for making the changes in Sales Force.
  2. They are:
    Changing the labels.
    Displaying the fields on a single field.
    Configuring and wrapping the particular package to organization branding.
    In this branding he does business logic, data models, creates a new table.
  • Admin in Sales force is not just an admin who takes careof applications and maintains the server, but does the wrapping of simple package from sales force and wrapping it to organization branding and making it ready.
  • Admin keeps on doing small changes to a particular structure.

Difference between software and tool:

  • Software: The software is sold to the customer, but the copy rights will be with the seller.
  1. The buyer cannot add anything to it.
    Ex: Windows
  2. Tool: It is branded stuff, which is used by the buyer and if required they can add to it.
    Ex: Sales force
  • As in sales force which givesthe provisionto enhance to the organization requirements to build on your own.

Roles of developer:

  • In an organization, customization is done by the developer
  • Wherever you need to build something from scratch will be done by developer
  • Developer gets requirements and creates screens on which captures the account, that account should go to an opportunity.
  • Requirement will be given but newer given a use case.
  • Developer plays “Solution Architect” role.

For further information please see the video.


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