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Automation using selenium

Selenium is a portable software-testing framework for web applications. This is a comprehensive training course of automated testing including Introduction to Automated Testing, Introduction t Selenium, Selenium IDE and its Installation, Selenium IDE concepts, Selenium RC. It also includes advanced learning on SIKULI, JUNIT, TestNG plugin in Eclipse, Object repository, Maven, Action Class, Web Driver Functions, Customized Framework and Selenium Grid.

Why take Selenium Training Course?

  • Selenium is one of the leading software testing tools in the current industry.Selenium Training Course
  • Selenium with a Web Driver is lot more popular, powerful and presents the best results.
  • If you are looking for a testing job in top-paid IT companies, Selenium training is just for you.

QTP vs. Selenium

In recent economic crises, software companies are planning for cost reduction and efficient productivity.
QTP is losing its market because of the following limitations:

  • Runs only in windows environments.
  • Cannot test with all browser types and versions.
  • Limited to smaller organizations/testing teams.
  • High licensing and add-inns costs.
  • Slow in execution when compared with the open source tools.
  • Selenium is a robust set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation for web –based applications
  • Supports cross browser testing. The selenium tests can be run on multiple browsers and also supports all environment
  • Allows scripting in several languages like Java,C#,PHP and python.
    Open source (Free of cost)
  • Assertion statements provide an efficient way of comparing expected and actual results.
  • Inbuilt reporting mechanism.

Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE

  • Selenium IDE is an integrated development environment for selenium tests.
  • It is implemented as a Firefoxextension, and allows you to record,edit and replay the test in Firefox.
  • Selenium IDE allows you to save tests as HTML,JAVA,Ruby scripts or any other format.
  • It allows you to automatically add assertions to all the pages.
  • Allow you to add selenese commands as and when required.
  • Go to Tools-Selenium IDE and the IDE will be opened
  • Now perform the operations on the application as you are testing the application.

Selenium RC

Selenium Remote Control Architecture

Selenium Remote Control Architecture

Selenium 1.0

  • A server written in Java and so available on the entireplatform.
  • Acts as a proxy for web requests from them.
  • Client libraries for many popular languages.
  • Bundles selenium core and automatically loads into the browser
  • Once the scripts are recorded add assertions where ever required
  • Now format the selenese test into the language of your choice.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Selenium 2.0

  • WebDriver is designed to providing a simpler and uniformed programming interface
  • Same WebDriver script runs for different platforms.
  • Support multiple programming language:
  • Java ,C#,Python,Ruby,PHP,Perl….
  • It’s efficient
  • WebDriver leverages each browser’s native support for automation.

4 Frameworks

  • Modular Framework
  • Keyword Framework: JUNIT
  • TestNG
  • DataDriven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

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