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Tableau Server Video Tutorial

In this lesson, we will see how we can have de-print dashboards publish on Tableau server and how to schedule them, and then learn about how to get an access to individual dashboards.

Tableau server:

Tableau Server, by Tableau Software®, is an online solution  which is used for sharing, distributing, and collaborating on content created in Tableau.

Characteristics of Tableau server:

  • Shareable: Tableau Server users can create workbooks and views, dashboards, and data sources in Tableau Desktop, and then publish this content to the server.
  • Secure: Tableau Server site and server administrators control who has access to server content to help protect sensitive data.
  • Mobile:  Users can see and interact with the most up-to-date server content from anywhere, whether they use a browser or mobile device.

If you want to publish a dashboard, then one is required to sign in and click on publish workbook, then it will ask you on which server you want it to publish that particular dashboard, in case if you want to publish dashboard on same server , which you are currently using then enter username as admin and password to sign-in.  Now two sites have been created on this server one is default and the other one is Dev, now click ok, so we will publish this website on default server, on clicking OK, we will get a window which has project window, in which either you can choose default or project in which you want your dashboard to get publish, Next write a workbook name and add description in description box and tag in Add tag window if you want. In view to share window, we have many workbooks which are combine to get a dashboard and to the left of this, there is present a window of view permission, by using this one can give various permission to different user for accessing dashboard which is present on the server. In this window you can add, edit or remove the user.

Show sheet as tab is an option which displays multiple windows or dashboards click on it and multiple windows will appears on dashboard.

whenever we connect Tableau to different data source, we have mainly two types of database connectivity one is live connection and other is Tableau data connection.

Tableau data connection is a offline data base, which means if data is changing in background then that change will not be reflected in Tableau data connection as we have already extracted that particular data and stored it in some particular place. Now the extract which is created, is need to rephrase with respect to the rephrased data, and underline table is getting rephrased in every Saturday evening so we need to rephrase our dashboard data on every Sunday morning, so there we have an option of scheduling and authentication of data stored on database.

By clicking on scheduling and authentication button, windows appear  which consist of extract option, which shows whether a collected data is rephrased or not. One can also schedule at what time the data rephrasing is done.

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