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Tableau Video Tutorial

Tableau Video Tutorial

Tableau Training

This video is based on Tableau training course covering concepts of data visualization through Tableau. This Tableau video provides a deeper understanding of Tableau Architecture and concepts of Filters, Parameters, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation and Dashboards. The course further trains you on Aggregating data, Data Blending, and R Connectivity with Tableau.

What is Tableau?

What is TableauTableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, than visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboard.It’s easy enough that any excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems.Tableau helps people see and understand data. It is an Interactive data visualizations and dashboards which Works with hundreds of data sources. ItMakes powerful data visualizations using any data Fast and easy

Why Tableau?

Why Tableau

  • Tableau analytics is used largely to get data and data visualizations rapidly.
  • The Tableau Desktop training give a comprehensive study of better and advanced visualization of data and performing real-time analytics.
  • It helps you to understand how to better use the resources you have and create the best data visualizations
  • Ease of doing things
  • Self service Business intelligence tool with simple drag and drop functionality to answer your questions.
  • Produces live, interactive visual windows representing single point of truth
  • For people with any skill level
  • Learning this online Tableau dashboard certification-training course helps data preparation for messy spreadsheets, instant analytics and improved performance.
  • Preparing you for Tableau Certification, the training classes will help you enhance your career and add credibility to your Resume.

Connect To Volumes Of Data In Various Formats At Any Time

  • Spreadsheet
  • Databases
  • Cloud data
  • Big data

Perform High-End Statistical Analysis

Integrate Tableau with R to perform statistical operations like outlier, clusters, predictive modeling

Your location Deserves Better Maps

Get customized maps for your visualization using Tableau- Mapbox integrations

Tableau Products

Tableau Products

Product line to suit your need

  •    Tableau desktop create for anyone
  •    Tableau reader share for anyone
  •    Tableau online share & create for individual &organization
  •    Tableau server share for organizations

Gartners Report 2013

Gartners report 2013

Training Content

Tableau course content

  •  Tableau basics
  •  Connecting to data
  •  Creating basic visualizations
  •  Exploring all the possible graphs
  •  Simplifying and sorting your data
  •  Data blending
  •  Dashboard creation
  •  Calculations and statistics
  •  Level of details expressions
  •  Advance chart types
  •  Using parameters for dynamic values
  •  Tableau-R integration
  •  Sharing your work
  •  Dashboard best practices
  •  Story telling
  •  Tableau server & admin activities

Let Us Open Tableau Worksheet

  • In tableau worksheet select customer Name and product sub –category tab from the dimensions.
  • Select sales from Measures tab
  • Choose the appropriate graphs

In New Book

  • Select order date from dimension tabs and select month
  • You will get a graph stating order date in columns and sales in rows
  • Select ship mode you will get the detailswhether delivery track, express air, regular air.
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