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I am currently using Developer Environment for Hyperledger Fabrics. I tried using GET to retrieve block info and it does give me a response. However, in the response, there's one component called payload, and it's in an unreadable format. Is there a way to make it readable/decrypt it? For instance, in bluemix, when you do init of party "a" and party "b", the payload shows inita100b100.

Firstly, I did this transaction/REST request


  "jsonrpc": "2.0",

  "method": "invoke",

  "params": {

      "type": 1,




      "ctorMsg": {


         "args":["a", "b", "100"]



  "id": 3


Then I did this query request


and got back this as REST response


  "type": 2,

  "chaincodeID": "EgRteWNj",

  "payload": "Ch8IARIGEgRteWNjGhMKBmludm9rZRIBYRIBYhIDMTAw",

  "uuid": "c6b0c82d-27f9-4c2c-8305-34b413d95057",

  "timestamp": {

    "seconds": 1469643763,

    "nanos": 524731069



So if there's any way to decrypt/change Ch8IARIGEgRteWNjGhMKBmludm9rZRIBYRIBYhIDMTAw to showing A transferred 100 to b or something similar, at least being readable for less-technical users?

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The payload is just encoded, you can use this to decode it (the encoding is base64). There is also this function in javascript to decode it.If you had security/privacy enabled, the payload would be encrypted too, so you would need the Certificate to decrypt the payload and then you could decode it.

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