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big data hadoop training

Big Data Hadoop Training Online - All in One Combo

$200.00 | 11,400.00 70 Hrs 25211 Learners
Course Duration : 70 Hrs Hands on Exercise and Project Work: 90 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
No-sql Cassandra Hbase MongoDB Couchbase Training

No-sql Cassandra Hbase MongoDB Couchbase Training

$320.00 | 18,240.00 41 Hrs 3151 Learners
Course Duration : 41 Hrs Hands on Exercise and Project Work: 82 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
hadoop spark scala storm training

Big Data Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Scala Training - Combo

$350.00 | 19,950.00 108 Hrs 4427 Learners
Course Duration : 108 Hrs Hands on Exercise and Project Work: 166 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
apache spark scala storm training

Apache Spark, Scala, Storm Training

$230.00 | 13,110.00 40 Hrs 8182 Learners
Course Duration : 40 Hrs Hands on Exercise and Project Work: 80 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
tableau training

Tableau Training & Certification - Tableau Desktop ver 9.2 (free DWH & Erwin)

$165.00 | 9,405.00 16 Hrs 4529 Learners
Course Duration : 16 hrs Lab & Project Hrs: 40 hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
qlikview training

Qlikview Training & Certification - Qlikview Desktop training (free DWH & Erwin)

$197.00 | 11,229.00 22 Hrs 5793 Learners
Course Duration : 22 Hrs Lab & Project Hrs: 44 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
pentaho training

Pentaho Training And Certification Course With Tutorial Online - Free DWH & Erwin

$175.00 | 9,975.00 20 Hrs 3379 Learners
Course Duration : 20 hrs Lab & Project Hrs: 40 hrs Access Duration: Lifetime
openstack training

Openstack Training Course Online For Red Hat Openstack Certification

$195.00 | 11,115.00 16 Hrs 4001 Learners
Course Duration : 16 Hrs Lab & Project Hrs: 32 Hrs Access Duration: Lifetime

80+ corporate clients


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Thanks for making this platform available. I hope to bring more people from Nigeria to embrace intellipaat as the bridge to filling the gaps in their career needs.

-- Paschal Ositadima
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Excellent Training Package!

It was a wonderful experience and learning from Intellipat trainers. The trainers were hands on and provided real time scenario's. For me learning cutting edge and latest technologies intellipat is the right place!!!

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The term ‘Big Data’ is not the Next Big Thing, it’s the Biggest Now. The growth of Big Data is unprecedented and it is going to leave no stone unturned in the years to come. Every industry and sector is dealing with Big Data Analytics for organized business operations and thinking bigger than ever before. .... View More

Big Data refers to a broad Analytics Ecosystem in which abstracts of data are tied together to find answers to all your business problems and scrupulously manage, store and share data across the organization. Since every business hugely relies on data and information, the real significance today is the presence of skillful Big Data Professionals to create business value. Nonetheless, the current situation unveils the disappointing market scenario, where there is an enormous scarcity in the workforce in big data industry. For every 10 big data openings, organizations can only find 2 expert personnel.

To overcome this lamentable employment status, Intellipaathas thought of students’, employees’ and employer’s welfare and started offering Big Data Training online. Online training is certainly a perfect blend of knowledge and luxury where users can get the benefit of learning whenever and wherever they want.

When it comes to big data, one can’t deny the use of Hadoop. It is the foremost imperative programming framework and the ultimate solution for data processing developed by Google’s MapReduce. Thus, the companies looking for Big Data Analytics are conclusively in search of Hadoop Experts. From Fraud detection and local, long-term weather forecasts to econometrics models leveraging billions of data points and gaining competitive intelligence, Hadoop is extensively used to handle big data in most sequence of events.

We, at Intellipaat, serve the society with a similar intention. There are numerous Big Data and Hadoop training courses to enable students and working professionals learn real-time techniques of working with large sets of data and implement them in their organizations. Our focus is to adopt best, descriptive training methods to prepare them for Professional Certification Exam and let learners find a top-paid job in their dream company.

Intellipaat is the market leader in providing Big Data Hadoop Online Training across the globe. With a growing community of +250,000 Learnersand +150 courses, we provide online Hadoop training courses like Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Administration, Hadoop Analyst training along with Big Data training courses like Spark, Storm and No-SQL databases like Apache Cassandra training and HBase training.

Top business giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and others have all incorporated Hadoop. Other companies Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Hortonworks are constantly looking for Hadoop Professionals who can work with large data volumes rapidly, maximizing the overall profit in the business.

Hadoop Training coursesat Intellipaatare a marvel and an excellent assistance to students and professionals seeking better jobs with bigger salaries. Hadoop online training provides comprehensive e-Learning including beginner to advanced-level concepts of Hadoop and its Ecosystem.

Learning Hadoop online gives further benefits of getting a Proprietary VM during sessions, 24*7 customer support, lifetime access to videos, tutorials, interview questions and course material and much more. Besides, learners can receive incredible discounts and offers on these big and high-on-demand courses.

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