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most of the articles cited Blockchain as a distributed database. Does it mean we can store any type of data in blockchain like audio, video ,pdf?

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Yes, you can consider blockchain as a distributed database. However, there are certain factors that come to play. 

As a distributed database, blockchain is extremely slow and expensive. However, it is immutable and therefore it completes alleviates the aspect of hackability. 

In a hypothetical blockchain, it is possible to store any format of data. But, users should keep in mind that blockchain is basically an immutable ledger. This means that whenever you feed something into a block, you cannot remove it. Also, frequently changing data should not be stored in a blockchain. This is because every transaction is recorded and therefore when large files are stored in blocks, load time and throughput are significantly hampered.

Users should actually treat blockchain as a permanent record and use it for storing data that are related to transactions. A basic bitcoin blockchain transaction costs around $8 and an approximate number of 3 transactions run per second around bitcoins. 

Now that I have specified the points, it is absolutely your call. You can even check out the Blockchain Certification Course by Intellipaat to have more knowledge about this topic.

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