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I have JSON data stored in the variable data.

I want to write this to a text file for testing so I don't have to grab the data from the server each time.

Currently, I am trying this:

obj = open('data.txt', 'wb') 



And am receiving the error:

TypeError: must be string or buffer, not dict

How to fix this?

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In your code, you did not mention the actual JSON part - data which is a dictionary and not yet JSON-encoded. So in Python, you can write it like this for maximum compatibility:-

import json 

with open('data.json', 'w') as outfile: 

     json.dump(data, outfile)

In Python 3 you can write it as follows:-

import json

with open('data.json', 'w', encoding='utf-8') as outfile:

     json.dump(data, outfile, ensure_ascii=False, indent=2)

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