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Can anyone explain me the difference between postgresql vs oracle?

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PostgreSQL vs oracle

  1. Both Oracle vs PostgreSQL Enforcement are modern choices in the business; let us examine some of the major Variation:
  2. PostgreSQL database is an open-source and object-relational database administration system whereas Oracle is a commercial relational database administration system that is available in different editions.
  3. Oracle has developed database models like the document store, key-value store, RDF store, and graph DBMS whereas PostgreSQL has advanced database models like Document store and key-value store models.
  4. Oracle was performed in C and C++ programming language whereas PostgreSQL was created in C programming language.
  5. Oracle vs PostgreSQL support information schemes, typing, XML support, secondary indexes, and SQL.
  6. Oracle recommends various programming styles such as C/C++, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, Cobol, Tcl, Java, visual basic, etc. whereas PostgreSQL supports different programming languages such as.Net, C/C++, Python, Java, PHP, Perl, and Tcl.
  7. Oracle supports two types of replication methods such as master-slave and master-master replication whereas PostgreSQL maintains only one type of replication such as master-slave replication.
  8. Oracle database has support for parallel partitioning whereas PostgreSQL has support for declarative partitioning form PostgreSQL 10.0
  9. Oracle database uses PL/SQL scripts on server side whereas PostgreSQL uses user-defined purposes as server-side scripts.
  10. Oracle database keeps different API’s and access systems such as JDBC, ODBC, Oracle call interface, and ODP.NET whereas PostgreSQL supports API’s and other access methods such as ODBC, JDBC, native C library,  streaming API for large objects and ADO.NET

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