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Receiving unauthorized as the response when trying to fetch tables within the datasets. I'm not clear on why, given that I seem to be able to get and delete datasets without issue. I did not see a reference in the docs on any special steps to be taken?

I am ultimately looking to manipulate the rows, but the row methods are also being returned with an unauthorized response even when I skip over the table iteration and go straight for them.


static async Task GetTableInformation(string workspaceCollectionName, string workspaceId)


    var devToken = PowerBIToken.CreateDevToken(workspaceCollectionName, workspaceId);

    using (var client = await CreateClient(devToken))


        var datasets = client.Datasets.GetDatasets(workspaceCollectionName,workspaceId);

        foreach(var dataset in datasets.Value)


            var tables = client.Datasets.GetTables(workspaceCollectionName, workspaceId, dataset.Id);

            Console.WriteLine("Table count is {0}.", tables.Value.Count);





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Actually, push data APIs aren't supported with Power BI Embedded yet. The Power BI team will be updating their APIs to reflect that ASAP since this is a bug in their SDKs.

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