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Jobs in Salesforce


Career Opportunities in Salesforce

The Driving Force for Your Sales

Producing better-than-expected second-quarter 2016 results, Salesforce, Inc. is seeing a constant revenue growth and wider profit margins, while keeping itself young and dynamic on the product gaining side. Salesforce is revered for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, i.e. software-as-service used by many companies for performing cloud computing and related tasks.

The brand provides a platform for commercial applications, which is salesforceone of the most highly valued computing products as of 2015. Salesforce ranks among the top three Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise application market.

As the name suggests, it is the Force that drive sales in an organization. Since every company (whether E-commerce or brick-and-mortar organization) is business-oriented, they look forward to improving ROI and increasing their traffic – this is where Salesforce Experts play a crucial role.

The sales department is certainly the principal revenue-generating team in an enterprise and thus, MNCs are in search of highly competitive and skilled individuals who can make use of top-notch platforms like Salesforce CRM and bring in exceptional profits to the company.

From data standardization to continued user support to systematizing the business processes, all can be achieved through implementing computing techniques of Salesforce CRM. In fact, this 16-year old platform is still the youngest and frequently-used by sales teams who want to boost the efficiency and productivity of the business on the whole and reach out perfection in reporting.

More and more organizations and aspirants are opting for Salesforce Advanced Developer 501 and Salesforce 201 and 401 platforms and components.

Leader for CRM Customer Engagement Center

The Magic Quadrant 2015 by Gartner for CRM Customer Engagement Center places Salesforce on the top of the quadrant.

Having a clean and easy design and market capital of $44.2 Billion as of May 2015, the cloud computing software-as-a-service is positioned number 2 in the list of world’s most innovative technologies by Similarly, it has been ranked #1CRM Software Provider by Gartner for the third consecutive year as of May 2015.

Leader for CRM Customer Engagement Center

Market Realist - Salesforce

Awarded as one of the pioneers in CRM among several SAAS services, the company is expected to generate revenues of $6.5 billion in 2015.

The growth forecast by IDC reveals the CRM application market until 2018. It states that the Salesforce cloud application platform is advancing at a rapid rate and calculates to 15% of its overall revenue.

Future View - CRM Applications Market Forecast

Career Opportunities in Salesforce CRM

Generating immense sales using CRM, Salesforce has become an imperative tool for multiplying sales in many top organizations. There has been a noteworthy increase in the number of matching job positions across the globe. As per recent statistics, there are approximately 20,000 companies using Salesforce platform to leverage various business operations.

Being a hot product in the sales market now, there are hotter jobs and hotter salaries for Experts working with these CRM softwares.

job trends from indeed

salesforce admin job trends job trends clearly display a soaring jump in the percentage of matching job positions in the last decade. With no surprise, the average salary of a Salesforce Developer is USD 97,000, and that of a Salesforce Administrator is $73,000. There is a huge demand for skilled workforce in the US, the UK, India, Netherlands, Italy and other parts of the world.

In India, the Avg. salary is $13,316 per year.

There are various senior and junior-level job roles for a Salesforce Professional in various organizations. The top-most include Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Project Manager, Salesforce Business Analyst.

It is interesting to note that there are around 2000 companies developed on Salesforce Platform and are increasingly demanding elite developers who can generate excellent ROPI using CRM functions.

The leading brands like Facebook, Pfizer, Fujitsu, NBC, Tumblr, JP Morgan, Airbnb, IDEO, KDDI America, Zendesk, Syntel, Accenture, Proctor&Gamble and many other business giants.

To initiate learning for any of the Salesforce CRM Platforms, make sure you know the basics about this technology and understand CRM navigation and sales application functionality.

Seeing such brilliant statistics and job trends, you may be fascinated to learn the required software, CRM skills and software operations. Professionals who are keen to learn the different versions and platforms of Salesforce CRM can enroll for one of the below-mentioned courses provided by our company. Don’t suppress your passion for finding a dream job today as the demand is stupendous; the exigency is to find skilled and proficient individuals.

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