Jobs in Spark, Storm, Scala

Career Opportunities in Spark, Storm, Scala

Spark and Storm are Spiking in the Cloud

Undoubtedly, the significance, share and curiosity in Apache Spark and Storm are continuously increasing among organizations, cloud clients, customers and big data professionals. While cloud and business computing have seen a terrific upsurge in the last five years, Storm and Spark are one of the buzzwords in the business and e-commerce sector. They are the recent big data sparks that are gaining immense popularity worldwide.

These platforms have emerged to transform the real-time data processing to an extensive range of potential users. Proving to be most promising technologies lately, Spark and Storm are creating massive job opportunities and higher salaries than ever before. More and more companies are seen devoted to these distributed big data systems for handling their large datasets, real time and batch events.

Organizations have excess job opening for individuals skilled in Spark and Storm, so that they can reliably and effectively process their unbound streams of data for real-time processing.

Top Companies Using Spark and Storm

Spark offers a top-notch in-memory data processing component that attends to real-time and batch actions. Interestingly, it provides a flavorsome ingredient for the cloud business with or without Hadoop.

Microsoft: Including Spark support to Azure HDInsight (its cloud-hosted version of Hadoop).

IBM: Contributes its SystemML machine learning algorithm construction technology to Spark.

Amazon: Its MapReduce services will be able to run Spark apps developed in Scala, Python and Java

Yahoo!: Having origin in Hadoop to analyzing big data,Spark is the next cornerstone at Yahoo.

Having the scalability, simplicity and flexibility, Storm is not only improving company’s current services and products but revolutionizing the way they handle huge data. Instead of keeping data static and crunching it once a while, The organizations are able to constantly move data all around, using different technologies, evaluating new ideas and building new products. The top companies using Storm topologies include Yahoo!, Twitter, Alibaba, Baidu, Groupon, The Weather Channel, Spotify, Cerner, Verisign

Scala in the Enterprise

Scala programming is used by many companies lately to produce commercial softwares and systems. LinkedIn, Twitter, Novell, Xerox, Sony, Siemens, FourSquare, OPower are the business giants using the functional programming language for their mainstream business critical applications.

Jobs on the Rise

spark job trends from indeed

For Spark, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of job positions across the globe. Similarly, Storm job openings are on the highest in the last five years.

storm job trends from indeed

Scala job trends from indeed

Further, this is the most prosperous time for proficient Scala Programmers as it has shown the highest % growth in the past decade. Business groups are expecting a never-than-before jump in the years to come.

Average Salaries and Job Profiles

  • As per, the average salary for Scala Spark Developer is $180,000.
  • The for Big Data Scala Storm Developer is $173,000.
  • com reveals the average salary of professionals with Scala programming skillsas $130,000.

The job titles for the big data specialists in these technologies are:

  • Lead Software Engineer- Big Data
  • Big Data Developer
  • Software Specialist- Big Data- Spark, Storm
  • Software Developer
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist/ Engineer
  • Software Developer/ Architect

Prerequisites to learning

To gain expertise in working with Spark and Storm systems, one needs to understand basic programming language concepts and have insights into Java programming.

Spark, Storm and Scala-The Benefit of Learning

Each company in each sector desires to have strong and technically-established and stable workforce. The demand of today is for skilled professional, and honestly, there is huge scarcity of skilled employees while there are surplus big data jobs in the market.

This is certainly the perfect time to empower your education and grow as a business leader by mastering the concepts of these nice frameworks. With the similar vision, Intellipaat brings to all learners a complete package of   Spark,Storm and Scala training along with separate courses to learn anywhere, anytime and on any device (Laptops, desktops and mobile phones-Android and iOS).

With a growing community of 250,000+ learners and 40+ Corporate clients, we believe in excellent services like 24*7 dedicated customer support to solve your queries, preparing for Apache Spark Certification exam, Apache Storm training organized by any agency and providing job assistance.

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