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I've trained a model, the test results on the test-set are okay. Now I have saved the model as 'Trained model' and made a new experiment into a new dataset, for making predictions where I don't have the actual value's.

Normally, the trained model gives me a scored label result per instance. But now, the scored label results are empty. Also when I convert the score results to CSV the scored labels column is empty.

Even stranger, when I take a look at the Statistics of the score Visualize tab, I DO see the statistics of the scored values. But no actual scored values.

Is this a bug? Or am I forgetting something important? What's going on?

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You can view your model in Predictive Experiment to check if your score model is empty under Predicted Label and Score. Yo can now pin point to what data is missing. 

Your test data set might be missing dependent values. Instead of blank values, pad your CSV with zero value.

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