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Testing courses offered at Intellipaat cover the entire testing domain, and they are all in line with standard industry certifications. Software is crucial to any organization, and this puts pressure on testing it to get it right. These testing certification courses will be even more crucial in a world running on software. Thus, there is a huge demand for professionals who are equipped with all the skills of software testing.


Job opportunities by 2025*

INR 8,50,000+

Average salary at entry level


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  • Software Testing Course with Job Guarantee

    Key Skills – Selenium, Python, WebDriver, Software, Web Alerts, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, Object modeling, Selenium RC, Selenium test script, Selenium Grid, Mobile testing/APK testing

    Next Cohort: 4th Dec 2022 7 Months
    Post Graduation
  • PG Program in Test Architect

    Key Skills – Selenium Testing, TestNG, Maven Integration, DevOps, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, MS-SQL, ETL Testing, Data Checks, Hadoop Testing, HDFS, Oozie, Sqoop, Pig, Manual Testing, SDLC, Agile, STLC, Localization, Volume Testing, etc.

    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 10th Dec 2022 101 Hours
    Post Graduation

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Master Programs

  • Test Architect Masters Program

    Key Skills – Selenium Testing, TestNG, Maven Integration, DevOps, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, MS-SQL, ETL Testing, Data Checks, Hadoop Testing, HDFS, Oozie, Sqoop, Pig, Manual Testing, SDLC, Agile, STLC, Localization, Volume Testing, etc.

    • 7 Courses
    • 20 Projects
    • 101 Hours
    Collabaration Image Next Cohort: 10th Dec 2022 Live Classes: 101 Hrs.
    Master Program

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Popular Courses

  • Selenium Certification Training

    Key Skills – Selenium Architecture, Selenium 4.0 Components, Automation Testing Framework for Web Applications, TDD, JaCoCo, TestNG, Sikuli, Maven Integration, JUNIT Operations & Test Framework, Object Repository, Selenium Grid Concept, etc.

    • 45 Hrs Online Class
    • 72 Hrs Projects
    • 45 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 10th Dec 2022 Live Classes: 45 Hrs.
  • ETL Certification Course

    Key Skills – ETL Testing, Database Testing, Data Warehousing Testing, ETL Testing Scenarios, Correctness, Completeness, Quality, Data Validation; Data Checks with SQL, Reports & Cube testing, etc.

    • 12 Hrs Online Class
    • 24 Hrs Projects
    • 12 Hrs Videos
    Next Cohort: 10th Dec 2022 Live Classes: 12 Hrs.

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75% of our learners achieve career transition within 6 months of the program

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Our Success Stories

Learner Reviews of Testing

Muneet Umra

Project Manager at Idyllic Software

I took up Selenium training program with Intellipaat. The instructor-led training provided me with good working knowledge of the tools and with the help of the recording, I could explore more and create the projects at the end of the certification training. I had a great experience with Intellipaat

On 12-10-2021

Navya Ch

Senior Test Engineer at Attra

The trainer explained the Selenium concepts clearly, but it would be excellent if he had explained the JAVA concepts more in detail.

On 15-06-2021

Jaya Moolya

Test Analyst at Cognizant

Overall good learning experience. The overall experience with this Selenium certification course was up to the mark. The Selenium training faculty was helpful with their teaching methods, and they cleared all the doubts. I really became fond of the timings and the support team coordination. I am thankful to Intellipaat for making my learning process this easy.

On 10-09-2020

Anton Melentev

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at cPanel

I felt that this course is suitable for both basic-level Selenium learners and advanced Selenium learners because the course goes from basics to advanced level. The support team was great, they resolved my doubts even after the Selenium course completion. I will enroll with Intellipaat for other courses as well!

On 03-08-2019

Revathy Baskaran

QA Manager at SLC

This Selenium certification course was worth my time and money. I had a wonderful learning experience with the instructor. He is an industry expert. He answered my doubts with full dedication. I really appreciate the efforts of trainers, support, and the entire Intellipaat team. I am highly satisfied with the course and absolutely loved it.

On 14-04-2019

Manjula R Nallamala

Software Quality Assurance Tester at The Citco Group Ltd

I would like to thank the trainer and Intellipaat for providing such an impactful A4Q Selenium Tester certification course experience to me. I am 100% satisfied with the online Selenium classes and the study material. They delivered everything that they promised. And all these resources on Selenium are for a lifetime. It’s just awesome. Great job and thanks again.

On 14-04-2019

FAQ 's on Testing Courses

What is Software Testing?

In simple terms, testing is the process of finding out whether a given product or software works, and if it does, then whether it works well. In the case of software development and computer hardware, testing acts as checkpoints throughout development process, allowing professionals to determine whether all the requirements and objectives of the end product are met.

  • The demand for Software Testing is predicted to grow at least 6% by 2026
  • There are more than 13,000 Software Testing job openings available for professionals in India – Indeed
  • The average income of Software Testers is US$63,070 per year in the United States and ₹370,000 per year in India – Glassdoor

Once you learn testing, numerous job opportunities will be available to you in several companies across the world. There are a plethora of jobs out there in numerous industries, seeking to hire these professionals. Besides, Software Testers are among the highest-earning professionals in the world, making testing a great career choice.

There are no skills needed before you learn testing. All the testing courses at Intellipaat are designed by experts who have taken care of including both basic and advanced-level concepts such that both beginners and professionals can take up these testing tools courses.

After completing any of these testing courses, several job opportunities will be available for you, such as:

  • Software Test Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • ETL Test Engineer
  • Electrical Testing Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Database Test Engineer

The online testing courses available at Intellipaat are as follows:

  • ETL Testing Training
  • Selenium Training Certification Course
  • Test Architect Master’s Program
  • API Testing Certification Training
  • Manual Testing Training

Software testing allows you to verify any system so that you can identify any sort of gaps, errors, and missing client requirements. It is done with the help of several methods and models that allow you to check and test the software in each and every step from its development to its execution. In simple terms, software testing is the process in which you find errors in any given software program or application such that the application functions as per the requirements of the end-user. Testing can be classified into two major categories: Functional testing and non-functional testing.

Training accuracy and testing accuracy are two ways in which the accuracy of the software can be tested. With the help of these tests, you can monitor the working, accuracy, and ability of the given software and also check if the requirements of the clients are met. In general, the training accuracy is the accuracy that you attain after applying the given model on the available training data, whereas in testing accuracy, the accuracy you receive is for the testing data. These are extremely helpful when you need to compare the results to identify overtraining.

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