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Is there any way to revert or undo git pull so that my source/repos will come to the old state that was before doing git pull? I want to do this because it merged some files which I didn't want to do so but only merge other remaining files. So, I want to get those files back, is that possible? 

I want to undo git merge for clarification. After some research, I did this

git reflog

bb3139b... HEAD@{0}: pull : Fast forward

01b34fa... HEAD@{1}: clone: from

Now, what should I do? Doing git reset --hard is OK? I don't want to screw it again, so asking for detailed steps?

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Git pull will do two things one is git fetch and the other one is a git merge so in order to undo a git pull first you need to undo the merge 

And that can be achieved by using git reset --hard and then using git reflog you can find SHA-1 of the previous state and you can reset it. And one more command which will be more useful 

git reset --hard HEAD@{“”} 

Thus, you can undo a git pull and bring repos to the old state.

For more git commands like this please go through the following tutorial that will help you understand the git

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Undo git pull, how to bring repos to old state
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thanks, but this command deletes my local files that are not committed yet.
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yes, --hard will delete the untracked changes.
for more details:

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