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I just want to upload data on my local laptop to datastore. But there is an HTTP 403 error.

Could you please tell me how do I upload data?

There are error messages.


ds.upload(src_dir = './MNIST_data/', target_path='MNIST_data', overwrite=True, show_progress=True) Client-Request-ID=5b78750a-ee2f-11e8-bf9a-b46bfcb19fb2 Retry policy did not allow for a retry: Server-Timestamp=Thu, 22 Nov 2018 08:19:40 GMT, HTTP status code=40./BODY>ror 403. The request URL is forbidden.

set=us-ascii">//"> Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml\data\", line 380, in upload self._file_share_upload File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml\data\", line 235, in _start_upload_task task_fn = task_generator(target_file_path, src_file_path) File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml\data\", line 451, in _file_share_upload if not self.file_service.exists(self.container_name, dirpath): File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\file\", line 1306, in exists _dont_fail_not_exist(ex) File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\", line 97, in _dont_fail_not_exist raise error File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\file\", line 1303, in exists self._perform_request(request, expected_errors=expected_errors) File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\common\", line 381, in _perform_request raise ex File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\common\", line 306, in _perform_request raise ex File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\common\", line 292, in _perform_request HTTPError(response.status, response.message, response.headers, response.body)) File "C:\python-anaconda\lib\site-packages\azureml_vendor\azure_storage\", line 115, in _http_error_handler raise ex azure.common.AzureHttpError: Forbidden Forbidden

Forbidden URL

HTTP Error 403. The request URL is forbidden.

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The upload function does not accept / in src_dir


s.upload(src_dir = './MNIST_data/', target_path='data')

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