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How do I start and stop an Amazon EC2 instance programmatically using aws-sdk in java?

Any bits of help is greatly appreciated as I have spent a day while trying to sort this out.

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This is not very complicated, and this is how an EC2 instance can be started:

private String startInstance(final String instanceId, AmazonEC2 ec2, final BuildLogger buildLogger)

        throws AmazonServiceException, AmazonClientException, InterruptedException


    StartInstancesRequest startRequest = new StartInstancesRequest().withInstanceIds(instanceId);

    StartInstancesResult startResult = ec2.startInstances(startRequest);

    List<InstanceStateChange> stateChangeList = startResult.getStartingInstances();

    buildLogger.addBuildLogEntry("Starting instance '" + instanceId + "':");

    // Wait for the instance to be started

    return waitForTransitionCompletion(stateChangeList, "running", ec2, instanceId, buildLogger); }

I found this code which is completely available on Bitbucket and this is the link -

Check out these links for more insight and to learn functions about Starting, Stopping, and Rebooting instances. 

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