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I'm sort of new to bundler and the files it generates. I have a copy of a git repo from GitHub that is being contributed to by many people so I was surprised to find that bundler created a file that didn't exist in the repo and wasn't in the .gitignore list.

Since I have forked it, I know adding it to the repo won't break anything for the main repo, but if I do a pull request, will it cause a problem?

Should Gemfile.lock be included in the repository?

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To check in Gemfile.lock with the default set of gems, at the same time to ignore changes that you have made on your machine run the following command:

$ git update-index --assume-unchanged Gemfile.lock

To reverse:

$ git update-index --no-assume-unchanged Gemfile.lock

You can use the following code in your Gemfile which will load the appropriate database adapter gem, based on your database.yml.

# This code will load the database adapter gem based on config/database.yml (Default: mysql2)

db_gems = {"mysql2"     => ["mysql2", ">= 0.2.6"],

           "postgresql" => ["pg",     ">= 0.9.0"],

           "sqlite3"    => ["sqlite3"]}

adapter = if File.exists?(db_config = File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),"config","database.yml"))

  db = YAML.load_file(db_config)

  # Fetch the first configured adapter from config/database.yml

  (db["production"] || db["development"] || db["test"])["adapter"]




gem *db_gems[adapter]

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