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I'm working on 2 different branches: release and development.

I noticed I still need to integrate some changes that were committed to the release branch back into the development branch.

The problem is I don't need all of the commit, only some hunks in certain files, so a simple

git cherry-pick bc66559

does not do the trick.

When I do a

git show bc66559

I can see the diff but don't really know a good way of applying that partially to my current working tree.

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Here's a chunk of code that might be helpful: 

git cherry-pick -n <commit> # get your patch, but don't commit                                (-n = --no-commit)

git reset                   # unstage the changes from the                                      cherry-picked commit

git add -p                  # make all your choices (add the                                   changes you do want)

git commit                  # make the commit!

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