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So we are planning to use AWS SES for sending emails. But how do we set up the email receivers? And how do we create email accounts? When activating AWS SES, it asks to verify an email account (eg. [email protected])...

I tried to create a mail server on one of the instances using postfix following this article:, but it's not easy at all... Does anybody know any better alternatives?

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It is possible! Amazon SES allows both email send and receive operations.

So if you use Amazon SES for receiving mail, then it will take care of these basic needs when you receive an email:

  • communicating with other mail servers
  • scanning for spam and viruses
  • rejecting mail from untrusted sources
  • accepting mail for recipients in your domain

You can set up receiving Emails in two ways:

  1. You can store it in S3 buckets
  2. It can send an Amazon SNS notification with the Email attached to it

For more information, check out the official documentation: 

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