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I want to enable ssl on an EC2 instance. I know how to install third-party SSL. I have also enabled ssl in the security group.

I just want to use a URL like this: with https.

I couldn't find the steps anywhere.

It would be great if someone can direct me to some document or something.

I have an instance on EC2. Which I have installed LAMP. I have also enabled http, https and ssh in the security group policy.

When I open the Public DNS URL in the browser, I can see the webserver running perfectly. But When I add https to URL, nothing happens.

Is there a way I am missing? I really don't want to use any custom domain on this instance because I will terminate it after a month.

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Amazon provides SSL/TLS certificates with their AWS Certificate Manager service. 

You can also use the open-source or free SSL certificates provided by Let's Encrypt.

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