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I'm starting with git and GitHub and there's a project I'm watching on GitHub. I unintentionally clicked to fork it. Now it appears as a new project for me.

I have some doubts about it:

I know if commit or do another thing to my forked repo, it will be updated, but the updated code will take effect only after the project's author request the pull. Right?

If I go to the admin panel on GitHub there's a delete option. If I delete it as the option above, will it make any effect on the original one or not?

I'd like to delete it. By now I'm just studying the code and don't really need the fork.

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If you are working on your project then you can delete the fork there will be no issues. Instead of editing, it will only edit your fork on the repo page.

If you are working on someone else’s project and forking it and then deleting the fork. This would lead to a security bug. So delete the forked repo with care.

For more information about installation of git and common git commands please go through the following link:

Github delete repository-Delete forked repo from GitHub
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if the project is deleted. then what about my fork?
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your fork will work but it cannot connect to the upstream.

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