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I'm using Keycloak version 1.6.1, newly installed as a standalone application.

Keycloak should act as an IdP (Identity provider) for an SP (Service Provider) called Tableau.

I have read from this page:

... Keycloak from being Identity Broker grew into being fully fledged Identity Provider

While it was an Identity Broker, it is now also an Identity Provider.

My question is then:

I have exported the SP XML Metadata from Tableau, which I imported into Keycloak, but when it comes to the export of the IdP XML Metadata from Keycloak (which should be imported into Tableau) I cannot find the button/command/guide anything about how to export this XML file.

I have worked with other IdPs and they all support this export of IdP Metadata which you can see an example of here:

If I search for Keycloak and the keyword IDPSSODescriptor I find

Which is exactly the 'template' I need, with the correct links on all ${idp.sso.HTTP-POST} etc. places.

Should I create the file manually - if so how do I find the correct POST, REDIRECT etc. URLs?

Or is there some way of exporting this file I haven't seen? 

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  • One can export the IdP XML, The URL which is  on Keycloak :


  • This gives the IDPSSODescriptor.

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