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Is it possible to create PDF documents (e.g. on a nightly schedule) with Tableau and have those documents exposed by a URL by the Tableau server?

This sort of approach is common in the Jasper Reports and BIRT world, so I was wondering if the same approach is possible with Tableau?

I couldn't see any documentation on the Tableau site for creating PDFs, other than print to PDF

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  •  You can access your published workbook in a pdf format with this URL With Tableau Server: http://nameofyourtableauserver/views/NameOfYourWorkbook/NameOfYourView.pdf

  • URL formed will be the url of your view + you add ".pdf".

  • While accessing the URL, pdf file will be generated dynamically

  • There exists another option is to program your own script with tabcmd. You can have more info on tabcmd here:

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