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I'm working on this tutorial on a virtual machine Ubuntu 14.04 and I run the script ./ -m up to bring up the network. When I run this to install the chaincode

peer chaincode install -n mycc -v 1.0 -p

I get the following error

Error: Error endorsing chaincode: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = chaincode error (status: 500, message: Error installing chaincode code mycc:1.0(chaincode /var/hyperledger/production/chaincodes/mycc.1.0 exists))

how to fix this

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Try to change chaincode name in install command, to something different, e.g:

peer chaincode install -n myNewCC -v 1.0 -p

An alternative could be to disable the execution of the, however, you will have to initialize and create the channel yourself

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