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I was using elastic search 1.5 and now needs to migrate to 5.5. However, there's no direct way supported by AWS. I'm using cloud watch streaming support for an elastic search to feed events.

Now only the new events get feed into elastic search. I'm thinking of following steps to migrate.

  1. Create a new ES domain with 5.5.
  2. Do a onetime import of existing logs.
  3. Change the ES domain endpoint in the lambda function to point to the new ES domain.
  4. Drop the old ES domain.

Is there a way to achieve step 2 in the process? Or is there any better way of achieving this migration?

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The migration is not straight forward. A lot of code has to be changed according to this to support the migration. The strategy for doing this looks pretty neat to me.

Also, have a look at this documentation.

Upgrading Elasticsearch 

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