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I'm looking for a way to checkpoint DataFrames. Checkpoint is currently an operation on RDD but I can't find how to do it with DataFrames. persist and cache (which are synonyms for each other) are available for DataFrame but they do not "break the lineage" and are thus unsuitable for methods that could loop for hundreds (or thousands) of iterations.

As an example, suppose that I have a list of functions whose signature is DataFrame => DataFrame. I want to have a way to compute the following even when myfunctions has hundreds or thousands of entries:

def foo(dataset: DataFrame, g: DataFrame => Unit) =
    myfunctions.foldLeft(dataset) {
        case (df, f) =>
            val nextDF = f(df)

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TL;DR: For Spark versions up to 1.6, to checkpoint DataFrames, my suggested solution is based on another answer, but with one extra line:

val df2 = sqlContext.createDataFrame(df.rdd, df.schema)
// df2 is checkpointed

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