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I am working on a WCF service where I need to sync the users from Windows Active Directory to a Salesforce account. I don't want to use any 3rd party tool or service, but want to develop a new one. I tried to use Partner WSDL provided by salesforce, but couldn't get how I can utilize it to create a new user in Salesforce. Please give me some pointer on how I can utilize Web/REST API to create a new user in Salesforce. Any sample code or link which can explain it.

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The sample code below will create an user on your Salesforce account:

var client = new SalesforceClient();

var authenticationFlow = new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFlow

(clientId, clientSecret, username, password);

client.Authenticate (authenticationFlow);

var user = new 


    Username = "[email protected]",

    Alias =  "userAlias",

    // The ID of the user profile (Standard User, System Administrator, etc).

    ProfileId = "00ei000000143vq", 

    Email = "[email protected]",

    EmailEncodingKey = "ISO-8859-1",

    LastName = "lastname",

    LanguageLocaleKey = "pt_BR",

    LocaleSidKey = "pt_BR",

    TimeZoneSidKey = "America/Sao_Paulo"


var id = client.Create ("User", user);

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