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I am unable to get an access token when trying to get one from SalesForce. I entered a callback URL of https://localhost:8081/AppCallback. However, I get null in my browser when I print out the token. When I change the consumer key value I still get success, it doesn't seem like I'm hitting the service. Here is my configuration. I send a request to http://localhost:8081/authorize and I get back

You have successfully authorized the connector. Your access token id is:null

<http:listener-config name="HTTP_Listener_Configuration"

            host="localhost" port="8081" doc:name="HTTP Listener 

    Configuration" />

        <sfdc:config-with-oauth name="salesforce-oauth"





            consumerSecret="33388E8E" doc:name="Salesforce (OAuth)">

            <sfdc:oauth-callback-config domain="localhost"

                localPort="8081" remotePort="8081" path="AppCallBack" />


   <flow name="authorize" doc:name="authorize">

            <http:listener config-ref="HTTP_Listener_Configuration"  allowedMethods="GET" 

                path="authorize" doc:name="HTTP">

                <http:response-builder statusCode="200" reasonPhrase="You have successfully authorized the connector. Your access token id is: #[flowVars.OAuthAccessTokenId]" />

                <http:error-response-builder statusCode="404" reasonPhrase="An error has occurred authorizing the connector" />


            <sfdc:authorize immediate="TRUE" config-ref="salesforce-oauth"  display="PAGE" doc:name="Authorize at Salesforce" />


  <flow name="sfdctestFlow1" doc:name="readContactFlow1">

            <http:listener config-ref="HTTP_Listener_Configuration"

                path="run" doc:name="HTTP" />

            <sfdc:query config-ref="salesforce-oauth" accessTokenId="#[flowVars.OAuthAccessTokenId]"

                doc:name="Perform a query at Salesforce" query="SELECT id,lastname,lastmodifieddate from contact limit 10" />

            <foreach doc:name="For Each">

                <logger doc:name="Logger" level="INFO" message="contact: #[payload]" />


            <set-payload doc:name="Set Payload to formatted output"

                value="Salesforce query returned #[payload.size()] contacts." />

            <logger doc:name="Logger" level="INFO" message="contact: #[payload]" />


What am I doing wrong? Why isn't the Salesforce validating and returning an access token? How am I supposed to use the callback URL?

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The error you're facing is that your mule instance isn't connecting to the Salesforce's OAuth token provider.

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